Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Native Peoples at Standing Rock, North Dakota Facing Unjust Suppression Again.

Those with greater power, money and numbers have been suppressing native peoples for hundreds of years. They do so because they believe that they have the right; the right that strength bestows. And, still, native peoples continue to stand up for themselves; rising up again and again, until one begins to wonder, who is actually stronger? Which begs the fundamental question: does strength truly bestow a right to something, or is it the quality of being in the right which bestows strength?

Monday, 13 June 2016

As A Result of Our Disbelief.

At the heart of our human nature is the need to question our own lives; to search for the meaning within all things. So when society becomes shallow, materialistic and without spiritual morals, then that aspect of our nature which needs there to be a meaning, a purpose, to our existence will seek that purpose elsewhere. Witness the seeming ease with which fundamental extremism sways those trying to find their way.

If our society is to save itself, the path to doing so lies in a return to basic morality, decency and a sacred respect for humanity and the natural world in which we live. Mankind must believe in something, be it God, nature, or the intrinsic goodness inherent within ourselves.

Tragically, what our society believes in at this moment centres around material things and the belief that  whoever has the most of these things, wins. We have abandoned the needs of the human spirit and, in so doing, allowed darkness to envelop light.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

The Commonality of Mankind.

Society is out of balance, has been out of balance for a long time now. Nothing makes sense; reason itself is absent. The blood-dimmed tide is loosed. Life holds little value to many and the few have no voice at all amid the confounding din. Upon the scale, selfishness overwhelms selflessness. Madness seems set upon the world.

We have made a mess of it; there are no innocents here. We all point our fingers, though the blame is equally shared. Words like morality and virtue echo hollowly when unaccompanied by actions. The time is nigh; if we remain blind to the commonality of mankind  then our travail is only beginning.

In the distance clouds are mounting up amid this otherwise empty sky, like plumes of oily smoke rising from a fire of our own setting.

Society will continue to falter until we embrace the fundamental quality of true humanity, which supposes that the suffering of one is the suffering of all.